Mirakkel Season 10 Episode 5

Good evening and welcome to Mirakkel Akkel Challenger season 10's 5th episode.

1. Pradip Mandal
2. Sidhu Hess
3. Next a duet performance of Tritanu Manna and Adrija Mukherjee
4. Nur Hossain Mondal
5. Swarnava Dey
6. Another duet performance of Santanu and Subhojit
7. Vanu Das
8. A special performance of Santanu and Sidhu Hess on script “Halla Raja and his magician Barfi”.
Performer of the Day: Santanu and Sidhu.
Full Episode Video:

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Mirakkel Akkel Challenger season 10 episode 5 - 8th November 2020 by ZeeMirakkel - Halla Raja and magician BarfiPlay button

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