Mirakkel season 9 episode 82

Welcome to Mirakkel Akkel Challenger season 9 episode 82. It is the last episode before Season 9 Grand Finale and today it will be decided that top 5/6 contestants will be selected for Grand Finale. Today you will see a special performance of Sangeet Tiwari. If you see the format of stand-up comedy in foreign countries then you will see that the ingredients of their stand-up comedy as well as ingredients of our stand-up comedy and if you compare them then you will see we are so pauper in reality. We can't take criticism. If anyone takes a mirror in front of our eyes then we are afraid. Fear of opening our deception. Always a fear of make anyone be angry. The fear of seeing ourselves as exposed. In this moment stand-up comedy is in very critical phase not only in Bengal but also in India. It is unknown how long this art can be kept alive. But Mirakkel has fought this fight since 10 years and tomorrow it will complete its 10 years journey.

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Today’s first performance on script “Ali Baba and Forty Thieves” (আলিবাবা চল্লিশ চোর) where Aditya Sarkar performed as Leader of the thieves, Raktima Das as Morgiana (মর্জিনা) and Suman Gayen as Ali Baba (আলিবাবা). You will see a beautiful dance of Raktima. Watch a wonderful performance of Utpal Ghosh with “বলতে নেই” (You don't say). Some of his other jokes are - ‘A man was driving. Suddenly the tire got damaged. The driver took a range and tried to remove the tire.Suddenly he saw a stranger opening bonnet of the car. The stranger told the driver, "Sir, you are taking the tire and I am taking battery."’, ‘Seeing with Chand Mohan, he said, "Brother, I opened a shoe store at railway platform. You will looked, it will be good sell." I asked him, "Why?" He replied, "It is advertise in newspaper that 1 Lakh Sunya Pada (শূন্য পদ) will be filled up soon in railway."’, ‘Chand Mohan asked Joga, "Where is your uncle (posting)?" Joga repliad, "My uncle is in Indian Army. And where is your uncle?", Chand Mohan replied, "My uncle is in Kolkata Police." "Really!" Joga exclaimed. Chand Mohan said, "Yesterday at night police arrested my uncle and took him to jail."’

There are also individual performances of Mohammad Saidur Rahman Pavel and some of his jokes are - ‘One day a very rich man asked his only one loving daughter, "What type of husband do you want?" His daughter replied, "Pink colour."’, ‘A girl loves her boyfriend so much that she waits hour after hour in market to see him. Do you know what happened then? Then once start Summer sale. She had forgot her boyfriend and she had entered into market.’, ‘I am a very bad boy. I thought I shall be good boy because I heard that a good person can reach to Heaven. My senior groomers told me that I should have to know about evil topic before be a good man. After gathering knowledge about evil I understood that none of our groomer even our director, Subhankar Chattopadhyay, will not reach to Heaven. So what do I do there?’, ‘Pavel also shares a trick on dancing which can help you to learn Michael Jackson's dance.’ Next another individual performance of Kamar Uddin Arman. At the end a beautiful duet performance of Biswajit Paul and Santanu Bhattacharjee on script “Bridhasram” (বৃদ্ধাশ্রম) with humorous non-veg jokes. Utpal and Pavel are selected as best performers of the day.

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