Mirakkel season 9 episode 81

As usual, today Utpal, Pavel, Arman and Hridoy have performed individually and Biswajit & Santanu performed as duet. Today our three special guests, June Malia, Saayoni Ghosh and Sudeshna Roy, has come here to promote their newly released film "Abar Ekla Cholo". Let's see what is going on Mirakkel Akkel Challenger season 9th’s 81st episode.

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Today Utpal Ghosh has represented a classical performance. Some of his jokes are - ‘Today in early morning Chand Mohan returns to home after giving his vote and goes to the picture of his deceased father and said "There is so rigour in booth. So this year don't come here to give your vote."’, ‘If you want to wear earring then must wear costly earring. Because somehow if you died in unknown place then people could funeral your body by selling the earring.’, ‘Nowadays Chand Mohan becomes witless. His friend told him, "Chand Mohan, I think your sense of humour become dull. So you go to the doctor to check up your CT scan." The doctor scaned his brain. But doctor did not found any humour, he found a big tumor.’ Mohammad Saidur Rahman Pavel’s performance was awesome. Some of his jokes are - ‘Every family has one type of relative who never leave you without serving you chicken meat. And they never leave your house without eating mutton from you.’, ‘Girls go to shopping mall and use three words when they buy saree. First, show me same design but different colours sarees. Second, show me same colour but different designs sarees. After seeing design and colour they use the third word, Ok, I shall bought it later.’ No, we are not writing any more about his jokes. You must watch his excellent performance. Next Waada Kumar (ওয়াদা কুমার) Kamar Uddin Arman has represented a good performance and his Waada Song. Biswajit Paul and Santanu Bhattacharjee (Character: Kakkeshwar kuchkuche and Udhho) performed on an awesome script of Arnab Karmaker. The characters of this script taken from poet Sukumar Ray's HaJaBaRaLa story. Emdadul Haque Hridoy also has represented a good performance. There was a special performance on script “Planchet”. Here ventriloquist Palash Adhikari has performed a marvelous performance on Ventriloquism. At the end of today's show, there is a Main Nagin Dance of Pavel with June Malia. Pavel is selected as the best performer of the day.

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