Mirakkel season 9 episode 79

Welcome to Mirakkel Akkel Challenger season 9 episode 79. Today’s first performers are ARS (Aditya, Raktima and Suman). They performed on script "Ganesh's Lancha of Saktigarh" (শক্তিগড়ের গণেশের ল্যাংচা) where Aditya Sarkar act as Ganesh (a shopkeeper), Raktima Das act as Ant and Suman Gayen act as Lancha (one type of sweet).

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Next a charming performance of Utpal Ghosh. Some of his jokes are - ‘Some people watched at the glass of peg so greedily. If he looks at his wife in that sense then there would be no quarrel and he need not drink it.’, ‘After observing Chand Mohan's hand, a famous saint said, "You will get heaven. Now give me Gurudaksina." Chand Mohan said, "I gave you Calcutta as Gurudaksina." The saint said, "Is Kolkata your property which you are giving me?" Then Chand Mohan said, "Is Heaven your property which you are giving me?"’ Today Biswajit Paul and Santanu Bhattacharjee performed on script "Alexander and Puru" written by Arnab Karmakar. This is one of excellent comedy script where Biswajit act as Puru and Santanu act as Alexander. Puru has come forest to leave his four days old stool. Because he had not get any chance to use toilet for his wife. When he came to here at that time Alexander attacked him. Next individual performance of Mohammad Saidur Rahman Pavel. One of his joke was - ‘An inspector came to a school. He heard that people are making noise in a classroom. He went to the room and holds a person's ear who had been making most noise. He kept him in a room. After few hours later two students had request the inspector to leave their teacher.’ A duet performance of Debjani Roy and Tanzila Koli where Debjani act as Granddaughter of Gabbar Singh and Koli act as Granddaughter of Basanti, Kamala. There is a special performance of two mentors, Iman Chakraborty and Istiak Nasir, on script "Cricketer and Cheerleader" where Iman act as Cheerleader and Istiak act as a Cricketer. The best performers of the day are Utpal, Biswajit and Santanu.

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