Mirakkel season 9 episode 78

Welcome to Zee Bangla Mirakkel Akkel Challenger season 9 episode 78. Today there are two special performances, one is solo performance of Subhadip and another is a duet performance of Saheb and Pallabi.

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Today’s first performer Utpal Ghosh from Bankura. Some of his topic was - ‘If husband is a God to you then boyfriend should be recognized as a small God.’, ‘One day I asked Chand Mohan, "If people be deceived in one place, should they go to the place again?" Chand Mohan replied, "Brother, there is no choice to go without father-in-law's house."’ Next performer our ‘Thank You - BoyEmdadul Haque Hridoy. A outstanding duet performance of Biswajit Paul and Santanu Bhattacharjee on Arnab Karmakar’s script “Jaatishwar of Subhanker Chattopadhyay” and three judges give them standing ovation. Next a special Dhamaka guest performance of Subhadip Ghosh. His last topic about Mirakkel won everyone's heart. Today our ‘Waada Kumar’ (ওয়াদা কুমার) Kamar Uddin Arman will sing a few lines of ‘Waada raha sanam’ song after his performance. One of his joke was - ‘One day Vola Da said her wife, "Your father always adds insult to my injury." Her wife asked, "Why? What happened?" Seeing after a long time, your father asked me, "Are you happy to marry with my daughter?"’ For our last performance in this evening which is very special one. ladies and gentlemen please sit back, relax and watch the spellbound performance of Arnab Karmakar, Pallabi Mukharjee and Saheb Maji on script “Fanaa”. Biswajit and Santanu are selected as the best performers of the day.

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