Mirakkel season 9 episode 77

Zee Bangla presents Mirakkel Akkel Challenger season 9 episode 77. Today’s performances start by our very popular “Amulet ManFatik Purkait (Maduli Da / মাদুলি দা). He always keeps a special joke for our judge Sreelekha Mitra in his performance.

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Next performer is our another rock-star Utpal Ghosh. He also known as “Gigantic Utpal” (রাক্ষুসে উৎপল) because he owns most of the rewards by his gigantic performances. So today Mir sang “Bol Utpal, kiya cahiye tujhe baba kiya cahiye tu abhi bol Utpal...” song in his honour. Some of his jokes are - ‘When a man's pride and stomach increase, he becomes unable to hug anyone even he wants to hug him.’, ‘Love is the only fight where you first surrender then fight.’, ‘A man is so modest that he went to Haridwar on honeymoon.’ etc. Next a net and clean duet performance of Biswajit and Santanu where Biswajit Paul act as ‘pendulum watch’ and Santanu Bhattacharjee act as a shopkeeper of antique material. Next a energetic performance of Kamar Uddin Arman and a Waada song. One of his joke is - ‘After kissing for 10 minutes, a girlfriend takes up a water bottle from his boyfriends bag and asked him that has he been touched his mouth when he drinking water.’ Next a short but one of the most entertaining performance of Mohammad Saidur Rahman Pavel. One of his joke was - ‘One day Helicopter Babu’s wife said him, "If you called me fat woman then I shall go to my father's house after beating you." Then Helicopter Babu said, "If you go to your father’s house then what will happened our child?" His wife said, "Child! where is child!" Helicopter Babu said, "Then you believe that you are not pregnant, you become fat."’ The last performance is a special try performance of Iman Chakraborty, Vicky Nandy and Partha Pratim Sarkar on script “Shoe Invention” (জুতা আবিষ্কার). Raksusa Utpal is the best performer of the day.

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