Mirakkel season 9 episode 76

Welcome to Bengalis best comedy show Mirakkel Akkel Challenger season 9. It is 76th episode. After just two weeks on 12th June Mirakkel season 9's grand finale. And today is Saturday i.e. today it will be decided that any participant/participants will eliminated before grand finale or not!

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Today, let's see who participate in the episode. First performer is Utpal Ghosh, the glorious boy of Bankura. He wins all viewers heart by his wonderful performances. Today his jokes content both veg and non-veg was so good. Next participant is Emdadul Haque Hridoy from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Besides performing today he shared us his love with family, with mother. 3rd performance is a duet performance of Babin Das (Tattoo Babin) and Pritam Bhattacharya. They perform on script “Marriage of old father”. Here old father chatting with a young girl friend in Facebook. So son thought of her father's remarriage with the young lady. But father don’t wants the responsibility. It is a non-veg laughter comedy performance. Next performer is Mohammad Saidur Rahman Pavel from Dhaka. Today he delivers his non-veg jokes with his individual body language which makes the performance so funny. Next a try performance of Suman, Debjani Roy and Tanzila Koli where Suman act as Sibu, Debjani as Petni (Monster) and Koli act as Dakini (Witch). A very special duet performance of Shawon Majumder and Mrinmoy Das on script “Bodyguard” where Shawon act as a bodyguard and Mrinmoy as a hero. You can see wonderful dance in their performance. Utpal Ghosh selected as Confident performer of the day.

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