Mirakkel season 9 episode 74

One Dham, one name and after this night it will be Platinum. Yes, it is the 74th episode of Mirakkel Akkel Challenger season 9 and tomorrow Mirakkel 9 will celebrate its Platinum Jubilee episode. Today two special guest Rituparna Sengupta and Anupam Roy are come here to promote their film “Praktan”.

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Let’s see what is waiting for you and who will perform today. Today’s first performance performed by Utpal Ghosh. His jokes on cloud, Chand Mohan, taxi driver, Nandini doctor are good. The next performer is Emdadul Haque Hridoy. His jokes on Koushik (a member of Mirakkel Bandage), dranken neighbour, tattoo on body are too good. Next a duet performance of Santanu Bhattacharjee and Biswajit Paul on a conversation between an unemployed daily passenger and a pickpocket. Next performer Waada kumar Kamar Uddin Arman. His some jokes on “why yellow is touched on boys body before marriage?”, student and teacher, vola da and sannyasini, bell tree and Istiak are so good. Next the second last performance of Mohammad Saidur Rahman Pavel. His content of jokes with beautiful body language makes the performance beautiful. The last performance is a duet performance performed by Pritam Bhattacharya and Babin Das. In this performance Pritam act as Zindabad (garble word of Sindbad) and Babin act as Cima mastaka hul hul (a pirate). This character taken from ‘Alif Laila’. Utpal Ghosh is confident performer of the day.

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