Mirakkel season 9 episode 73

Welcome back to Zee Bangla presents Mirakkel Akkel Challenger season 9. You have been working hard all day. Now sit down and relax and enjoy 73rd episode. Mirakkel has touched all Bengalis heart in the world and become the most popular comedy show. There was no elimination in this Saturday episode. But it does not mean all the participants will be selected for grand finale. So participants should be careful for their content and performance.

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Let’s see the summery of the episode and see the full episode video below. As usual today’s very first performer Utpal Ghosh show his humorous weapon and touch heart of all judges and viewers. Some of his topic was : “can you show me any Indian who died of starvation?”, “one plate chicken at Rs.499”, “my bike have to sale to repair my Rs.65000 branded mobile”, “drunken Chandmohan and his wife”, “snake wants two peg wine”, “Chandmohan and farmer having food and Chandmohan’s friend Jaga trapped under the bullock cart”, “dogs talking like people” etc. Next duet performer Biswajit Paul and Santanu Bhattacharjee’s script was – “two brother gone to fair. One brother wants to show Hiron’s film to another brother. So other brother had fled to get relief from watching Hiron’s film”. Next solo performer Emdadul Haque Hridoy’s some topic of jokes was – “An ant gave his daughter married with an elephant. The elephant has come to his father-in-law's house.”, “The difference of getting pain between rich people and poor people. For example: rich people say, they got pain when they playing golf, riding horse etc. Whereas the poor people say, they fell down when they were wearing underwear. Because there are so many holes in their underwear. They fell down due to push their legs in wrong hole.” etc. Next Tanzila Koli and Debjani Roy presents jokes on mathematics. Here Koli proves that 5 multiplied by 5 and resultant is 25 but Debjani proves that 14 multiplied by 5 and resultant is 25. Next performer was Kamar Uddin Arman. Some of his laughter jokes are – “Those are called foolish girls who believe that boys are fall in love for their intelligence.”, “a farmer, his three daughter and their boyfriends” etc. The last performance of this episode performed by Pritam Bhattacharya and Babin Das. Here Pritam is a supari killer and Babin is a Employee in a office who wants to kill his boss. Because every day the boss keeps the employee’s chair overturned and the employee sit on that chair. Yesterday he saw five eyes on his goldfish. From them one eye is original. The judges selected Utpal and Arman as best performers of the day.

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