Mirakkel season 9 episode 71

Thank you for watching once again another week of madness. The last day of this week Mirakkel Akkel Challenger season 9 decorated with full of madness and fun. Let’s introduce to the performers and how they decorated funs to entertain you. There are some special performances in this episode.

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In the beginning of this episode a solid performance which was performed by Aditya Sarkar, Raktima Das and Suman Gayen on script “Thakurmar Jhuli versus Video Game”. Nowadays children have addicted to videogames. They are losing their imagination power. This performance represents a social message that guardian should encourage their children to read folk tales and fairy tales. These will improve imagination power to their children. The next performer was Utpal Ghosh and some of his jokes are – ‘some people's behaviour are so rude that sometimes I think I shall tell them “Will you go to hell alone or I will drop you there.”’, ‘Utpal asked Subhankar Da, 'what is the difference between complete and finish?' He replied, “If you married with a right girl then you are complete. Otherwise you are finished. Moreover if your wife caught you with that wrong girl together. Then you will be completely finished.”’, ‘A pilot comes out with sun-glass on his eyes, one hand holding dog's leash and another hand holding a stick.’, ‘a story about doctor, farmer and his horse and Billy goat’ etc. Next performer Mohammad Saidur Rahman Pavel from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Some of his jokes topic are – ‘the number of times press bowler Malinga kisses the ball, if a man kisses half time of that number to their wives then divorce will be reduced to half time in our country.’, ‘Someone was going somewhere taking hundred puppy in a van. Seeing this, a bitch told to another bitch, “Look their capacity is greater than our capacity”’ etc. Next a special performance of Debjani Roy (Boro Boudi), Tanzila Koli (Choto Boudi) with guest performer Debanwita Banerjee (Mejo Boudi) from Haripal, Hooghly. What a marvellous performance it was. It can't be described. You have to watch it. Another incredible performance of Biswajit Paul and Santanu Bhattacharjee. Today there was so much pressure on them and they turned around and had given their best. At last there was a special performance of Rajesh Mondal from Krishnanagar. Some of his jokes topic were – ‘Subhankar Da, you gave me the TV to reduce my sorrow. But it increases my trouble. Because you gave me 50 cm TV but door of my room is 40 cm. So I had to cut the door to take it into the room.’ etc. Utpal, Koli, Debjani, Biswajit and Santanu are the best performers of the day.

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