Mirakkel season 9 episode 70

There are so many Mirakkel lovers has emailed, SMS, WhatsApp us and they want to know what happened in Mirakkel House? So we have added some video clips of our Mirakkel House for their curiosity in today’s, Mirakkel Akkel Challenger season 9th’s 70th episode. There is a special performance of mentors is waiting for you. Let’s see a overview of this episode.

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At first a special Quadra performance of this season’s performers Kumar Kamar Uddin Arman, Mohammad Saidur Rahman Pavel, Emdadul Haque Hridoy and Utpal Ghosh on their daily routine at Mirakkel House. The boss of this house Subhankar Chattopadhya ruled in this house. The performers have represented their beautiful days in this house to entertain you. Pavel nicely mimicry the walking style of Istiak and Debjani. Pavel had got a task to change Arman looks like a baby and Hridoy helped him. Mr. Subhankar reminds them that today nobody of this house bow him by touching his legs. Hridoy tried to lick Pavel’s criminal intent to boss by keeping eyes on camera. But unfortunately that was not a camera, it was a hole on Arman’s pants. At 10:00 PM, Boss informed that he buys chanachur and chips from allotted money for dinner. So today’s dinner for house members has cancelled. Actually it was a magical performance which has touched everyone’s heart.

Othello Paul (Biswajit Paul) wants to suicide. He told fisherman (Santanu Bhattacharjee) to clean pond so that he can suicide peacefully. They used some non-veg and veg jokes in their conversation. Next performer Pavel presents some beautiful jokes. Some of them are about “Helicopter Babu”, “Jungle book in Rony Da’s dressing room”, “What is the simplest process to give a gift to your girlfriend? At first you have to know that what gift she wants. Then open your laptop and go to a online shopping website. Order that gift and give the delivery address to your girlfriend address. And at last, select cash on delivery in payment option.” Next performer Arman’s jokes about “You can find Madhyamik failed minister, Master Degree unemployed person, H.S. pass paddler in our country. But you can’t find a eight pass single(unengaged) beautiful girl.”, “Montu told Jhantu that his heart was broken when he saw two mobile towers of his girlfriend's mobile phone’s screen short but he knows only one mobile phone number.” etc. Next a special performance of Iman Chakraborty (Mice), Istiak Nasir(Mouse) and well known actor Sourav Das(Flutist) on script “Hamiloner Bashiwala”. No, we don’t describe it here. You must watch this special performance. Next duet performance of Debjani Roy (Housewife), Tanzila Koli (Miss World). After being Miss World she has been given some responsibility for some charity works like poverty reduction programs. So she comes to Debjani’s house to talk with her and she wants to know how she survived her family. Confident performers of the day are Biswajit and Santanu.

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