Mirakkel Akkel Challenger is a one kind of stand-up comedy show presented by India's one of the most popular Bengali TV channel Zee Bangla. It is the most popular comedy show of Bengal where participants show up their talents on pleasantry. Since 2006 to till now Mirakkel has completed its 9 seasons and season 10 will be start very soon. Mirakkel season 10 audition has already started. If you have enough unique and intellectual jokes and if you are a good presenter of humour and willing to participate in Mirakkel season 10 then come to Mirakkel 10 audition.

During this Lockdown Period watch best episodes of Mirakkel Akkel challenger on Zee Bangla TV channel from Monday to Sunday at 11:00 pm (Indian Standard Time). All of you are requested to Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Mirakkel Akkel Challenger Season 9